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Neil Barber of the Edinburgh Secular Society (Letters, 21 July) “fails to see” why a Christian food bank advertises for a manager who is a Christian.

While I don’t think that society should be governed by the Secular Society’s inability to see the blindingly obvious, perhaps you will allow an attempt to bring light.

The Dundee food bank is part of the Trussell Trust, which provides for tens of thousands of people in need in Dundee and throughout the country. They do so regardless of religion, social status etc.

But it is a Christian organisation that gets much of its support and volunteers from the churches. The manager is required to represent the food bank to those churches and speak at services etc, therefore it is perfectly legal and acceptable for it to ask that the manager be a Christian.

If the Secular Society were advertising for a manager they would of course have a “closed shop policy” and advertise for someone who was a secularist and agreed with their aims.

Those of us who don’t share their aims would not be shocked and fail to see why we were not able to apply.

If the secularists object to Christians running food banks they are perfectly free to start one of their own.

This seems to be the pattern – Christians set up a trust to feed the poor, no matter their background, in accordance with what our faith instructs us to do, and the militant secularists attack the Christians for daring to express our faith in this practical way.

It is petty and vindictive and indicates precisely the difference between the Christian churches, who act upon their faith, and the secular faith, which spends all its time attacking others.

David Robertson

Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland

St Peters Free Church