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The Scottish myth is that the Scots are a more community-minded, egalitarian people than their fellow citizens outwith Scotland. I do not necessarily mean myth in a negative sense but a deep-rooted communal belief which creates a view of ­themselves.

However, such a belief must be tested because it can be something of a delusion. It can shape a community’s behaviour and therefore be a force for good but if it is a delusion it can lead to tragic consequences such as ­independence.

For instance, I wonder if the Scots really are keen to pay more tax even if called to do so to defeat the scourge of inequality. How many protested against the SNP government’s failure to use the powers available to them to vary tax rates? Such powers could have been used to tackle, for instance, the shame that is Scotland’s areas of serious ­deprivation.

It is obvious that a large number of voters are voting Yes because they believe that in an independent Scotland the politicians will “do something” about creating a fairer society.

However, the answer lies with us, the ordinary folk, and our ability to make our elected representatives believe we are serious about being prepared to make personal sacrifices.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive