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Lesley Riddoch makes many good points about our sources of energy (Perspective, 27 May), but she should realise that oil companies are not social workers. Of course they make large profits, but oil exploration is extremely expensive and financially risky and the price of oil on the market is more in the control of the oil traders than the companies.

As for large wind farms, they are a waste of resources. Small crofting-size turbines might alleviate geographical supply problems, but the large farms are merely subsidies of public money for fat-cat landowners. And on the subject of fat cats getting money for nothing, we should immediately direct all the money from the seabed revenue that disappears into the Crown Estates straight to the Scottish Parliament and into a fund to be used for community involvement in coastal areas.

Offshore marine energy is going to be the biggest source of energy in the future and going to provide large funds to the Crown Estates unless we change the rules.

Bruce D Skivington


Gairloch, Wester Ross