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In his article, “Stop talking sense – the voters aren’t listening any more” (Perspective, 10 October), John McTernan has hit the nail on the head.

The gap between what the electorate wants – in his words, “a socially liberal party that is also economically liberated” – cannot be delivered because many, too many for his liking, do not accept “the economics of globalisation” which means that we do not accept the dictatorship of international banks, multinational companies and the tacit acceptance that we must work, uncomplainingly, to increase their profits.

He bemoaned the low turnout in elections for the two main parties, which obviously have accepted his version of reality but are blind to the fact that it is politicians, not the electorate, who must change.

Unless and until they do, the present challenge for them will not go away; it will increase.

Lovina Roe

Glasgow Road