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Once again, any excuse to 
castigate the SNP, (Letters, 11 

RJM Wilson tells us with gusto that the SNP denies the result of the referendum. It does not, but what it is doing now is working hard to deliver a better result next time.

He goes on to say that the SNP used its commitment to ceremonies in Scotland to be absent from the Cenotaph in London on Sunday.

I marched with the Royal Dragoon Guards, my family came down to London with me, I am an SNP member. Was RJM Wilson in London on that day? I somehow doubt it.

KJ Wilson

Middle Norton


The letter from RJM Wilson (Letters, 11 November) should have been withering fire against the SNP. What a pity that he shot himself in the foot.

He started by saying: “If the SNP wanted to make a political point by its absence at the Cenotaph in London last Sunday it was noted.” Pity he hadn’t noted things last year and before – and there are no “ifs”, the SNP was not making a political point.

The ceremony is arranged by the British Legion and things are “farmed out” because of space and sensitivities among all the diverse groups, military and otherwise. Parliamentarians have a protocol – Plaid Cymru and the SNP sit in the Commons as one nationalist group and are therefore represented as such at the Cenotaph. The wreath-laying is rotated.

The SNP laid the wreath last year and does on every odd-numbered year.

Thomas R Burgess

St Catherine’s Square