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Although the agreement between the First Minister and Westminster precluded a second question on the referendum voting paper, it is not to late to include a second question arguably not related to independence or separation at all – “do you wish to remain a European Union citizen?” I suspect most Scottish residents would vote Yes, which could effectively separate us from the rest of the United Kingdom anyway, when it votes – as it is likely to do under any flavour of Westminster government – to leave the EU soon after 2015.

I am sure that Brussels would not cut adrift six million of her citizens who wish to retain their EU identity and current EU obligations. The Auld Alliance might become a new and rather exciting one. And if Wales and Northern Ireland joined with us to do the same? Now that would be a Celtic Tiger! Bon jour messieurs, et au revoir!

David Fiddimore

Nether Craigwell

Calton Road, Edinburgh