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Ken Currie (Letters, 22 March) asks how Scotland handled the 500- and 600-year anniversaries of the Battle of Bannockburn, and if there is a 700-year celebration because there is a referendum looming.

I do not know how the 500th anniversary was handled, but the edition of The Stirling Observer and Perthshire Herald of 4 July, 1914, was almost entirely given over to reporting on the celebrations of the 600th anniversary.

The Scottish-English niggling was evident even a hundred years ago.

One paper, an English production, seemed to be rather annoyed at the celebrations, and had some sarcastic remarks about an Irish band being present.

“The writer evidently did not know that this was quite appropriate, for a contingent of Irish fought on the Scottish side in the memorable day 600 years ago.

The answer to Mr Currie’s second question is, therefore: “No.”

Fiona McGregor

Ewing Walk