Cassandra’s stamp

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Within the UK, a letter can be sent for as little as 60p first class, or 50p second. Posting the same letter to our nearest neighbours, the Republic of Ireland or Norway, would cost anything between £1.28 and £2.21.

It seems extremely likely, therefore, that cross-Border 
postal rates would incur a similar increase in the event of Scotland splitting away from the rest of the UK.

Now, it may be that this is of little concern to many Scots because they hardly ever post a letter, using the telephone and e-mail for most of their communications.

Also, many supporters of independence might deem this to be a price worth paying to achieve their cherished goal.

It is, however, disingenuous for them to pretend that the cost of letters from Scotland to London and Liverpool would not increase, unless the “independence” they are proposing for Scotland is the “Crown dependency” status enjoyed by the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, which entitles them to the same postage rates as the UK.

It would, however, be a funny kind of “independence” which resulted in Scotland officially becoming a “dependency” of any kind, especially of the Crown. But let that pass.

As for Hugh Reilly’s ill-natured swipe at Jo Swinson MP, surely unbefitting a retired dominie (Perspective, 2 July), he should remember that everything Cassandra prophesied actually came to pass. The tragedy was that nobody believed her utterances until it was too late.

Jane Ann Liston

Largo Road

St Andrews