Carry on matron

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In spite of my three brothers and most of my golf partners being medics, and being married to a physio, I always regret airing reflections on our health services.

The former chancellor Nigel Lawson rightly claimed the NHS was the nearest thing we had to a religion, and heretical opinions tend to attract some fearsome 

As a parish minister, I spent a good deal of my career wandering round the wards of the Dundee hospitals and still retain an image of Hattie Jacques running things.

In a regiment, the colonel may think he is in charge, but everyone else knows it is the regimental sergeant major, and I do miss the sight of matron passing by in full sail.

I also believe things started to go irrevocably downhill when consultants stopped looking like Sir Lancelot Spratt and started to wear medical scrubs instead of morning dress.

(Dr) John Cameron

St Andrews