Careless talk

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Now that most hospital births take place Monday to Friday midday, I suppose it’s only logical for those working in the health service to try to steer hospital deaths into the same pattern. But, whereas the unborn children could have no say in when they were born, I think we un-dead elderly undoubtedly have views which should be heeded on when we are “helped” to die.

The modern practice of dressing up short, clear descriptions with longer, convoluted titles creates a bad odour right away, and putting down the weakest of the elderly is the thin edge of euthanasia whatever is done to obfuscate the issue by calling the practice “The Liverpool Care Pathway”.

What has poor Liverpool done to deserve this? Is this the modern interpretation of “care” in the new touchy feely Britain?

Doubtless the pioneers of this practice had high ideals and standards within their narrow view of a “problem”, but once their practice becomes standard procedure throughout the country there will be so many different interpretations of this particular solution that old folk will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into hospital.

Irvine Inglis