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Patricia Bertram will understand it is easier to spoil a good story, as she claims to have done, (Letters, 1 July) than to obliterate a local legend.

Her late father, William C Miller-Thomas of Ley, was a commanding figure, very involved in whisky exporting.

He drove a large Rolls Royce, cast his arms with a motto in old French of Je suis mon estoile sans peur in a large stone plaque above the front door of this house, and, as Mrs Bertram confirms, did bring over from the USA in 1938 a large Al Capone-type motor car.

It is not too difficult to see how this “local legend” took root. I can only assure her I have not invented this story for the sake of a little free publicity, as she rather harshly implies. It was first relayed to my wife and me many years ago on our moving into The Ley.

Personally, I am happy at the fate of her late father’s Buick – but do rather wonder how 77 years ago she was so sure it was not Al Capone’s car.

Incidentally, her father transformed the original 1860 house here into a quite stunning house which we have been extremely fortunate to have enjoyed for more than 30 years and are grateful to him.

Long live the legend.

William McVicar

The Ley


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