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There were several misleading comments included in the article, “Edinburgh film agency’s funding slashed – despite £5m value to the city” (28 February) which we feel must be addressed, particularly as Marketing Edinburgh is an organisation funded partly by the public.

Firstly, the budget for film has not been halved. The number of people dedicated to film alone has been reduced – but that’s a different thing entirely.

Film Focus, which employed two people, no longer exists and hasn’t done for some time. It is now part of Marketing Edinburgh film team, which has 20 posts.

All services remain intact 
with a different, more cost-effective set-up behind them, supported by Marketing Edinburgh’s administrators, marketing department and expert 
accommodation team.

Changes made to Marketing Edinburgh are one part of wider restructuring of the organisation that has taken place with one fundamental objective in 
mind – to make it leaner, more efficient and ultimately more successful.

The restructure is completely unconnected to the forecasted public sector budget 
reductions and has taken place following months of careful consideration.

Crucially, we anticipate that the economic return of film in Edinburgh will stay constant for the next 12 months before going on to rise.

As a public body, it’s essential Marketing Edinburgh remains focused on performance and on making budgets work as hard as possible; we cannot allow for overlap in expertise or for wastefulness.

The restructure addresses 
exactly this and is a constructive, cost-effective decision that will streamline the organisation to ensure Edinburgh’s film 
performance is more efficient and reaps greater economic benefits for the city.

As one of the world’s most iconic and flexible locations, the city and Marketing Edinburgh remain absolutely committed to film promotion and we are confident in continuing – and
improving upon – our track record in attracting productions to Edinburgh.

Gordon Robertson

Marketing Edinburgh,

Edinburgh Airport