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Last week I received a very expensive looking 12-page leaflet promoting the cause of independence. Its preparation, printing and distribution were paid for not by the Yes campaign, but by the taxpayer. Nor will it count against the Yes campaign’s costs.

Alex Salmond keeps saying decisions will be made in Scotland. What he doesn’t say is that, under his rule, more and more power and decision making have moved from local communities to the centre.

We now have one prison service, one ambulance service, one fire service and one police force, all controlled by him and his ministers. But another even more sinister development is taking place.

Traditionally, the British civil service has always stopped short of promoting party political causes. Under Alex Salmond, the Scottish civil service is becoming increasingly politicised.

He keeps bending the rules for his own ends. The offending leaflet contains not factual information from the government, but the usual SNP assertions.

I do not want to live in a country completely controlled by the state. That is why I am definitely voting No on 18 September.

Henry L Philip

Grange Loan