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As an independent business 
organisation we were delighted to see the new First Minister looking to work with the business 
sector on developing ideas on how to grow a faster and 
more sustainable economy (your 
report, 2 December).

A line has been drawn in the sand after the referendum and there is a clear desire to find common ground between government and business in order to drive prosperity and competitiveness, from which all can 

There is much to be positive about when it comes to the Scottish economy. Scotland has lower unemployment, higher employment and a higher economic activity rate than the rest of the UK.

But there are significant long-term challenges, such as lower productivity and higher youth unemployment, than we would like.

As a business organisation we are looking for Scotland to become one of the top five wealthiest countries in the world, and fundamental to delivering this is an ambitious economic strategy, developed and implemented through a strong partnership 
between the government, public and private sectors, as well as civic society.

This would echo the long-term partnership approach that 
exists in the likes of Denmark and 

The Danish Globalisation Council, for example, was established between the government, public, private sector and civic society to respond to the global economic environment and 
develop a national economic strategy.

The call for a strengthened partnership between the Scottish Government and business, 
as highlighted in the First 
Minister’s speech, is to be 
welcomed and we look forward to announcing in the New Year how N-56 will be assisting in 
supporting this process.

Dan Macdonald


George Street