Brown vow trap

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In the final week of the referendum campaign Gordon Brown fronted a Better Together vow, signed by the leaders of the three UK parties and guaranteeing substantial new powers for Scotland in the event of a No vote.

Now we have Gordon Brown begging us to sign a petition 
demanding the UK partners honour the vow.

So none of it was actually “guaranteed”?

Was Gordon Brown hoodwinked into a trap? Or did he lead many trusting Scots into a trap? It has to be one or the other.

Dave McEwan Hill



The referendum promise will never be fulfilled as the general election will take place next year.

The Scottish Parliament wants more powers and, if it got them, what would be the reaction at Westminster?

The English MPs will never agree to Scottish MPs voting on English affairs (and quite right too), particularly with Ukip and the immigration question being a main issue at election time.

And the Labour Party will insist on it for political purposes, ie loss of Labour MPs’ votes at Westminster.

Due to panic, the political parties let Gordon Brown be their main spokesperson for the promises but alas he is only a Labour MP and now has no power to influence or implement them.

John Connor

David Henderson Court