Brown’s ego

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It was revealing to hear shadow Chancellor Ed Balls declare that there was no way Gordon Brown would contemplate becoming First Minister of Scotland. Why would he, Balls explained, when he had been Prime Minister of the UK?

That’s us put in place then – poor, wee, insignificant Scotland. It didn’t take long for them to pack up their love bombs and go home. And yet there is some truth in what he said. Gordon Brown had no real interest or concern for Scotland. His ego and ambition required a much bigger stage. And yet he came to the rescue of the No campaign.

Why did some Scottish Labour voters believe him? After all, Brown had his chance, while in power at Westminster, to deliver a just society and he blew it. Now we have his promise – for what it’s worth, since he holds no power or influence any more – “to deliver more powers”.

I say to him: fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us!

Patricia Dishon

Inchview Terrace