Brown bungle

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Gordon Brown has accused the Tories of setting a trap on income tax. The Tories announced their income tax proposals before the referendum was held. It is Mr Brown who set a trap for the Scottish electorate, by making them believe that there was agreement on additional powers being offered by the unionist parties to the Scottish Parliament.

What a legacy he has created for himself.

As prime minister he contributed to possibly the worst financial crisis the UK has ever suffered and as a spokesman for the No campaign his false promises contributed to voters in Scotland rejecting the restoration of Scotland’s national sovereignty. He should be ashamed of himself.

Jim Carson


Balerno, Midlothian

Whether or not Gordon Brown’s newfound attempt to portray the Labour Party as being the champion of all things Scottish will save many of the party’s 40 MPs at next year’s election is a moot point.

Many Scots, No voters as well as Yes, are left with the feeling that Labour in Scotland put party before country in the referendum battle. If that belief persists into May next year the SNP could well replace the Liberal Democrats as the third most powerful party at Westminster.

That, combined with half a dozen or so Ukip MPs, would make for very interesting politics in the Mother of Parliament in just eight months time.

Irvine Inglis