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OH, WHAT grandiloquence, what strutting in the suggestions for the name of the new bridge, “Crossing” indeed – it’s obviously twice as good as “Bridge”: twice as many syllables for a start.

I hope when the euphoria and hysteria have abated people will realise that we already have 1. The Rail Bridge; 2. The Road Bridge; 3. The Kincardine Bridge; 4. The Clackmannanshire Bridge … and that this new one should just be known as the Fifth Bridge.

I suppose “The Salmond Leap” might be politically inexpedient.

Philip Allison

Raeburn Street


I ADMIT to being one of the 20,000 in transport minister Keith Brown’s “phenomenal response” on the naming of the new bridge over the River Forth. My motivation was not that I liked one of the names, but that I disliked the other four in the short-list.

Was it civil engineering political correctness that dictated that four of the five in the short-list would be Crossings, or was it an attempt to steer people to the only one that called it a Bridge?

It is likely to be irrelevant, as it will probably always be referred to as “the new bridge”.
Or maybe even “the new ­crossing”.

Douglas Kent