Bravo, NHS

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Reading, almost daily, criticism of the NHS with few apparent positives being voiced, I felt it time to relate my own experiences of the service.

Having enjoyed a long and healthy life I was stunned some nine months ago to be diagnosed with a serious illness necessitating both in- and out-patient treatment at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary and Western General Hospitals.

I thought my advanced years would have deemed me low priority in the light of the strains on the service but I have received the very best care and attention anyone could have sought with all possible solutions to my problem covered.

Not only was the professionalism of the staff of the highest order but the manner in which it was conducted instilled great confidence in both patient and family.

Now home, I am receiving similar standards of care from specialist nurses with support from my local health centre.

I have been very aware that in every case staff are working under extreme pressure and yet they have been able to carry out their duties with great courtesy and often a sense of humour to boost the patient morale. I know I share my experiences with many others who, like me, have nothing but the highest regard for the service and the staff employed therein.

I do hope, therefore, that our government will ensure that adequate funding is always in place to carry on their great work as I believe a nation may be defined by the manner in which it cares for its people.

Andrew Gray