Boozy calories

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Last week alcohol was in the news. It was claimed that ­alcohol is rich in calories. It is true alcohol can be burnt (or ­metabolised in the body) to produce calories.

However, that alcohol is broken down and not available to pass into the bloodstream. My recollection is that the initial alcohol intake is burnt to produce calories, but the body’s ability to do this is limited and after the initial phase alcohol passes un-
digested into the bloodstream.

The ratio of burnt to ­unburnt alcohol varies with the speed of consumption and I expect from person to ­person. So it is not as simple as supposed experts would have us believe.

It’s an either/or effect – calories or intoxication, but not both from the same unit of alcohol.

To conclude, I think the calorific claims of alcohol are not realistic and an overestimate.

David Lumbard

North Berwick