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We are delighted to see the Scottish Government embark on its “Make Young People Your Business Week” campaign, aimed a traising awareness among employers of the economic value of taking on a young person and the various incentives on offer to do this (your report, 26 August).

During an economic recession it is the most vulnerable who suffer the most and we have a collective responsibility as a society to give them the opportunity to realise their full potential. The rewards of getting these young people into work are, however, well worth it.

One key grouping that is most adversely affected by the economic recession and youth unemployment is those young people with learning difficulties and disabilities, as well as those who have experience of being in care.

A greater holistic approach combining financial resources as well as targeted support is vital in assisting those in these categories to re-engage with education and training, ensuring they are ready to take up employment as well as while they are in employment.

However, the rewards of getting these young people – many of whom boast excellent skills – into work are well worth it, with higher loyalty and retention rates.

We welcome what the Scottish Government has done in supporting those with additional support needs into the jobs market and urge Scotland’s employers to play their part, look beyond the label and examine the skills and talents of the individual.

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