Blood money

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If the Middle East has traditionally been associated with political instability, it is surely now an area of internecine conflict.

How anybody can be justified receiving a salary as a Middle East peace envoy in such a turmoil of warring hostility is beyond credibility.

But to my knowledge, the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, is still employed in that absurd position, and being paid lots for it.

This is a person who was at least instrumental in instigating the murderous chaos that now prevails in that region.

His joint leadership with George W Bush in both the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, in particular the latter as it was without United Nations backing, tilted this traditionally volatile area into its present ruinous circumstance. Also, to realise that the highly paid post of peace envoy for the area is UN-funded makes everything ludicrous to the point of imbecility.

Whatever inadequacies Mohamed Morsi may have had as the elected Egyptian leader, these must be nothing compared with the inadequacies of many so-called leaders who have actively contributed to this terrible upheaval without any loss of personal freedom. Instead they have enjoyed massive personal gain.

Ian Johnstone