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I HAVE read some pretty ridiculous, unfounded, allegations from Brian Allan over the years but his latest (Letters, 13 December) really does dredge the depths. I read no concern in his letter for the reported rise in racism just another opportunistic attack on the SNP.

In May this year, on holiday in Kefalonia, my wife – who is English – and I were verbally abused, and I was physically threatened by a man from Newcastle after he and his wife asked us our opinion on Scottish independence. At one point he even threatened me with assault but his wife dragged him away. I did not, note Mr Allan, put this down to racism, just to ignorance. I agree with Mr Allan’s statement that “Scotland is no different from anywhere else” – if Mr Allan really believes that, why does he restrict his criticism only to Scotland. To describe the rise in reported racism as fomented by the SNP is nothing short of disgraceful, and if we are all the same will he criticise the Conservative or Labour or Liberal parties for the racism that existed all over the UK long before the SNP was anywhere near government.

Bill McLean

Rosemill Court

Dunfermline, Fife