Blinded by zealots

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Amid all the publicity about the SNP’s swelling membership, nobody has considered the effect of their refusal to accept the referendum majority decision on root and branch voters.

I have voted SNP for at least 25 years and have always regarded a strong nationalist party as the best representation of Scotland’s interests in dealing with the rest of the UK.

However, along with two million others I voted against leaving the UK; I wonder how many of those who did the same were SNP voters too.

Given that a future vote for the SNP would seem to guarantee an ongoing war of attrition within the UK, come May I will vote Labour for the first time in my life as the only sensible course of action to try to prevent this.

My advice to the Scottish Labour Party would be to adopt the slogan: “If you want to stay in the UK and in Europe – vote Labour”. It will gather me in – and I wonder how many others.

Perhaps the SNP is only seeing trees in terms of new card-carrying zealots and not noticing that the woods are shedding their SNP leaves and readying a different colour of foliage for springtime.

Sandy Adam

Turleum Road