Blind to justice

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The Tories’ European Union exit obsession, recently exemplified by Home Secretary Theresa May, is risking the safety of Scots. She has now said that the UK government wants to remain signed up to the European Arrest Warrant, after previously saying it was looking to leave, creating a period of uncertainty and instability.

The decision to opt out of EU arrest warrants would have risked losing measures which ensure that people accused of crimes such as murder and rape are brought to justice quickly and efficiently, and risked losing measures which support the sharing of information between police forces.

Mrs May also said the UK would opt out of all 133 EU law and order measures in the Lisbon Treaty and seek to rejoin 35 of them “in the national interest”.

It is, however, not clear if the UK government will in fact be able to opt back into these measures as this will depend on the European Commission and other member states. It is EU-obsessed Tory backbenchers who are now firmly in control of the Conservative Party and while the Tories play their pathetic games over Europe it is Scots who will suffer the consequences.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace