Bleak vision

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David Fiddimore’s call for the kind of Red revolution that was the signature tune of the late Pete Seeger should not pass unchallenged (Letters, 1 February). Seeger was a life-long communist and an upholder of that tyrannical political system, which resulted in the deaths of millions who would not accept Marxist collectivism. Andrew Neil’s 
rather cheap mischief making on his This Week television show gives no credit to the individual freedom and community support that our unemployed and poorly-paid young enjoy in this, our changeful, society.

If Seeger’s discredited visions were to come to pass, as David Fiddimore “believes” they will, the million or so young persons now unemployed or poorly paid would be “organised” to be sure, but without free choice or any benefits in a renewed state of slavery not so long ago banished from eastern Europe.

Alastair Harper

by Dunfermline