Bleak for Britain

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David Maddox (your report, 8 October) is right to point out that europhobia is likely to cost the Conservatives overall victory at the next general election.

However, whether Labour can win a majority is open to question. The election in 2015 is almost certain to result in another hung parliament and with the Liberal Democrats facing political extinction throughout Britain, we are likely to see either a Tory coalition with Ukip, or a minority government.

Westminster is not suited to minority rule and it is likely such a government would toddle on weakly for a couple of years before yet another election would have to be called.

Those who claim that an independent Scotland faces a period of “uncertainty” should consider the chaos that could well befall Westminster over the next few years.

Running our own economy through prudent use of our vast resources after independence looks like a safe bet in comparison to the bleak and uncertain outlook for Britain after the next UK general election.

Gavin Fleming

Websters Land