Blame feminism

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David Robertson (Letters, 7 August) hit the nail on the head: the UK government places families with, for example, a working father and full-time mother at the bottom of its priorities.

Consider this scenario: Mr and Mrs Doctor each earned £100,000 per annum before Mrs took maternity leave. Young Mr Nurse and Mrs long-term, full-time mum have a family income of, say, £30,000.

The government’s response to these families? Take taxes from working Mr Nurse so that home-with-the-baby Mrs Doctor can still be paid £100,000, to keep their family income up at £200,000.

Meanwhile at home with the baby, wife of Mr Nurse receives nothing.

So wedded are our political classes to feminist orthodoxy that this ludicrous system passes almost without comment.

This diversion of funds from poorer to richer families takes place in the name of equality, of course.

The doctrinaire feminist ideal that women should “fulfill their potential” by prioritising career over child rearing is vigorously pursued through government policy – by all mainstream parties.

France and Germany, for example, have much fairer policies, but, with even the Conservatives bowing before the ultra-feminist alter, there is scant hope for the UK.

Richard Lucas