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Your report, “MSPs dismiss Trump’s wind farms warning” (24 November), said: “While some strongly held, localised and anecdotal opinion exists, the committee has seen no
empirical evidence…”

When empirical evidence is available, regrettably it will be too late for Scottish tourism. A crystal ball is not required.

Where is the evidence that wind farms displace power station generation and reduce CO2 emissions?

Why does the energy minister, Fergus Ewing, talk about the “equivalent” of 100 per cent of Scotland’s electricity coming from renewables (same edition)?

An unreliable generator cannot displace a reliable one without causing instability of supply. Scottish Renewables has said that wind farms will not produce base load ie reliable electricity, so what will?

The increasing number of “constraint” payments paid to wind farm companies to shut down in windy conditions when demand is low is evidence that wind farms are an expensive failure as a real-time electricity generator.

AR Nelson