Bike debate

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Do these “saints on bikes” 
really believe that they alone are beyond reproach and that the motorist is to blame for all 
society’s ills?

I have watched cyclists commit all sorts of acts of folly on the roads and pavements and through red traffic lights.

Does this presumed liability extend to the car driver in a 
collision with a bus or lorry, or the pedestrian who is struck by a cyclist?

This could become a thin edge of the wedge and could become the precedent for other incidents. What about cyclists taking responsibility for their own actions? How about mandatory insurance for all road users? Please, cyclists, get a grip and get off that pedestal.

Ian Murray

Broomhall Loan


If Chris Oliver, an orthopaedic surgeon, is so keen on
the legal concept of presumed liability (Letters, 21 June) he should welcome it to the medical profession, so that patients whose treatment goes wrong are spared the necessity of having to prove their case, when suing a surgeon or the NHS.

Does this application of his idea have the same appeal for him as it does when applied to motorists versus cyclists?

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross