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Rarely, because of her political leanings, do I attach much credence to the writings of Lesley Riddoch. I am in total agreement, however, with her views expressed in The Scotsman (Perspective, 2 June).

BBC Scotland is extremely misguided in axeing Gary Robertson, a very experienced, hard working and most competent presenter of Good Morning Scotland, with Gordon Brewer, an even-handed but tough interviewer on Newsnight Scotland.

What is worse is that his expertise is being sacrificed to pay for Sarah Smith, a costly London-based Channel 4 network correspondent.

For years, Newsnight Scotland has supplied a rather brief but very welcome opportunity each evening to catch up with current affairs in Scotland and to listen to interviews and debate chaired by professionals who ask in a polite but determined way questions that need to be answered.

Alas, last week Scotland 2014 was to me disappointing because of its triviality.

Indeed, each evening in despair I found myself turning over to STV’s Scotland Tonight to find a tough news show with relevant subject matter.

Surely, in the run-up to the referendum, perhaps the most momentous time in our country’s history, BBC Scotland is unwise to hang out to dry proven professionals such as Gary Robertson and Gordon Brewer?

Is this decision not handing unsolicited propaganda to Alex Salmond?

Sally Gordon-Walker

Caiystane Drive