Battle timed out

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Another closely-argued article from George Kerevan (31 December) – I love the immediacy of his prose.

His description of the 
dynamics between conservation and environmental bodies and developers, global industrialists and councils is worth keeping, in order to refer back to in five years’ time to check on the progress made in recycling 
Cockenzie power station and its environs – precious little, I 
predict. The development proposals are years too late, and have been overtaken by better presented, better-funded schemes elsewhere.

What really confuses me is the odd illustration used – a mural of The Battle of Prestonpans (1745) from the wall of the Dasher Pub. I am unfamiliar with the picture, but suggest that the medieval knight in its centre must have slipped in through a time portal – belonging to a period of up to 500 years earlier.

Maybe the picture illustrates the Battle of Pinkie fought nearby in the 1500s, where Scots losses are said to have exceeded 15,000, whereas, when the victorious English left the field they left but 500 of their comrades behind – so, understandably, it’s a battle we’d rather forget.

Maybe we’d do as well to 
forget the Cockenzie wind 
industry hub as well.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road