Base lies

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It is good to hear that Hunterston B nuclear power station will operate until at least 2023, the year to which the Torness station is licensed (that also is likely to be extended). Both plants provide reliable and clean base-load electricity to Scottish consumers. But can anyone understand the attitude of the SNP government, which, while being against nuclear power, is content to allow these plants to operate as long as the operators want? Surely it should be opposing any licence extension.

Dan Barlow, head of policy at WWF Scotland, is wrong in claiming that the SNP’s target is to generate “100 per cent of ... electricity from renewables” (your report, 5 December). The more practical aim is to generate “the equivalent [my italics] of 100 per cent”, quite a different matter. That will involve reliance on non-renewable sources as back-up, almost certainly including nuclear power imported from England.

Steuart Campbell

Dovecot Loan