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IN LIGHT of the Leveson Inquiry and past history of Piers Morgan, I was surprised, for a few moments, at my endearment towards him in the context of the gun control debate in the United States (your report, 26 December).

However, as I studied the language he used in the interview that has resulted in a petition for his deportation from the US, I began to revert to my previous severe dislike of his communication strategy.

While we may agree or disagree with Morgan that his interviewee is “a very stupid man”, that kind of language does nothing but escalate the polarisation of the debate.

Unfortunately, role models of civility and the recognition of the other have been devalued almost beyond redemption. As an optimist, I believe in the possibility of change and am committed to continue to shine a light on a better and more productive way.

Gavin Cargill

Edinburgh Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian