Aye or aye right?

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Where were the wordsmiths when the referendum question was agreed?

Perhaps a very subtle but real linguistic crime was committed from which neither those in favour of an independent Scotland or those in favour of Scotland remaining in full partnership in the UK can claim victory.

Perhaps we bought into the fallacy that we should aim to win, which infers that others must lose.

Unless there is a fundamental change in mindset there can be no win-win possibility on 19 September. Either result could cause ongoing and real divisions for generations.

Not a day passes without some credible or incredible economist, business person, sociologist, theologian, celebrity, journalist or politician giving their tuppenceworth, why we should vote “aye” or “aye right”.

Perhaps we needed to realise the choice is not between right or wrong but is one presented in such a way that it guarantees a negative decision-making process.

Gavin Cargill

Edinburgh Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian