Avoiding clarity

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Polls show that a comprehensive majority of Scots want the Scottish Government and the UK government to engage in pre-­referendum talks about what happens after the referendum.

Not unreasonably, they would like to have some clarity before the vote about the two different futures between which they are choosing.

The future is always unknown but at least talks might shed some light. However, this is the very reason the UK government will never agree to talks. Uncertainty about the future is the life-blood of the ­unionist camp.

Mary McCabe

Circus Drive


The independence referendum is a monumental event for Scotland and the people of Scotland. With that in mind might I suggest both sides in the debate agree on a three-month moratorium on partisan electioneering immediately before the vote, therefore providing the Scottish people a calm period to reflect on the issues involved before reaching a conclusion as to how to allocate their vote. Otherwise we have the prospect of Westminster (No camp) attempting to scare voters with predictions of dire fiscal consequences with runaway inflation while the 
Holyrood government (Yes camp) reports on a gold strike discovered in the Trossachs.

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street