Austerity record

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The SNP government in Edinburgh is leading its election campaign on “anti-austerity” while spending 1 per cent less on the NHS since 2008.

The UK Government has spent 4 per cent more on the NHS in the same period. The schools budget is even wider. The annual SNP government budget was £444 million under spent last year. You may well ask where is all of this money going?

The First Minister in Scotland is paid more than the UK government Prime Minister and has recently awarded herself a pay increase.

Journalist Andrew Neil asked John Swinney to name one single measure the SNP has taken to redistribute wealth in Scotland to the less well off. He could not name one.

I have fought against debt all of my life and would like to see the current national deficit decreased to zero.

The interest paid on this deficit is actually more than the whole of the budget for defence, including Trident. The Nationalists wish to increase the deficit and reduce defence.

The rhetoric is there but not the reality. No-one can seriously vote for the SNP given this kind of track record.

Peter Mabon

Greenmount Drive