Assad deal needed

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Not only should the RAF bomb Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria, but we should ally ourselves with President Assad in the ­battle of civilisation against the most wicked terrorists the world has ever seen.

During the Second World 
War Winston Churchill secured Stalin as an ally despite the latter’s ­infamous record and the former’s knowledge of the Katyn massacre. Our enemy’s enemy is our friend.

Turkey has so far refused to share its air bases which are only minutes from IS targets, which means that RAF jets have to spend too much time in the air getting to the theatre of operations requiring costly mid-air ­refuelling.

A Syrian offer of an air base for our planes would allow a rapid flying time to target.

As these operations are likely to continue for some time, our planes should be modified with more suitable armament. Hellfire missiles are unnecessary against Toyota pick-ups.

And why, for goodness sake, does the BBC refer to these terrorist monsters as ‘’militants’’?

Their beheadings, crucifixions and ­amputations show they are cruel beyond cruel and should be treated accordingly.

William Loneskie

Justice Park