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Billy Kay (Indyref essay, 30 
July) is rightly proud of Scotland’s cultural achievements. He also urges us to vote for independence.

Some of my friends urge me to vote Yes because they fear that Scotland’s distinctive culture cannot be preserved unless we sever our Union with our larger neighbour.

However, I am confirmed in my decision to vote No by the fact that after 300 years of Union, Scotland still has a lively literary and musical culture. I don’t believe that either 
Union or independence will affect that.

In the 21st century, political boundaries are porous to cultural influences.

Witness the speed with which books are translated from one language to another.

Witness also how the BBC broadcasts so much foreign material and how successful the BBC is in selling so many programmes abroad.

Our concert halls are full of the great music of many lands, and yet Scotland has its modern composers of note.

The local colour and the international appeal of writing, music, drama and art produced in Scotland will remain, no matter what the political arrangements.

After independence, Scotland would still be open to the same international influences, 
English, American and a host of others.

Kenneth Brown

Killermont Road