Anti-Alex plot?

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Dr A McCormack (Letters, 12 June) seems to think that 
because clubs he belonged to in the past required a 75 per cent vote to change their constitutions, this should be the case for Scottish independence.

By that analogy anyone with smallpox could be treated with calamine lotion. He then goes on about some plot to oust Alex Salmond and the years of “trauma” that affected Norway and 
Ireland after independence.

This anti-Salmond plot is masterly work of fiction – did it come from JK Rowling?

As for the two countries, does he think a couple of biased letters from expatriates is the sum of these countries’ immediate post-indep­endence experience?

The UK and other countries were going through depressions etc, and civil wars and unrest took place in long-established countries.

However, if he insists on a 75 per cent “bar”, fair enough. Since 75 per cent of the Scottish people did not vote for the constitutional change of being absorbed by a bullying neighbour in 1707, the treaty can be considered 
abrogated by popular opinion of the time and the Union can be considered null and void.

This must be fair – it is to the standard the good doctor set.

Thomas R Burgess

St Catherine’s Square