An uphill battle

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It seems as though Irvine Inglis (Letters, 4 July) is suggesting that events like the Bannockburn re-enactment are educational experiences for non-reading children, who would otherwise have no insight into the horrors of war, and how to prevent ­future conflagrations.

This was certainly not the ­intention of the Scottish ­Government and VisitScotland.The event was marketed as pure entertainment for all the family. I doubt if any lessons about the iniquity of war were learned.

The movie industry has churned out a plethora of war films which, with a few honourable exceptions, present a sanitised version of war from the viewpoint of the winners. Children leave the cinema shooting imaginary guns, not shaking their heads in despair about the savagery of warfare.

The only people who take ­lessons from the horrors of war are those who have fought and suffered in them. Too late, alas.

Carolyn Taylor