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I must congratulate your leader writer (26 June) on his editorial about Abbotsford but even more so on his remarkable eyesight that enables him to see over and through all the hills between the East Coast rail line and Abbotsford on the banks of the River Tweed. He must either have been so carried away with the restored house that his imagination ran away with itself or else he was already imagining travelling by train on the new Borders rail line.

As someone who hails from Galashiels I would share his thoughts on Abbotsford but I think he has been carried away.

David Elder

Knox Place


Oh dear, your leader writer has a poor sense of geography if he thinks Abbotsford can “glimpsed from the East Coast line”.

It will certainly be glimpsed from the re-opened part Waverley route, which is why it would be good if Network Rail were to name the terminus station “Tweedbank-Abbotsford” and thus boost our local tourist trade.

David Steel

House of Lords