Amazon’s waste

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The cathedral-like Amazon warehouse pictured in the ­Scotsman (your report, 18 May) is ­impressive, but how much of the stock volume represented within is fresh air?

This week I ordered a pair of cushion inserts for my running shoes from Amazon, size 11, 2mm thick, which could have been comfortably despatched in an A4 envelope; they arrived in a large cardboard box.

I calculated the volume of the goods at no more than 0.00012 cubic metres. The volume of the box was 0.014 cubic metres. Thus the box overcapacity was 11,650 per cent. This represents a great waste in terms of unnecessary packaging and shipping space.

The associated costs ultimately reside with the customer and, I suspect, add to Amazon 
turnover and profit.

Ken Gow

Bridge of Canny