All hail shale

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Dr John Cameron is correct when he states that the US economy is rebounding because of cheap shale gas (Letters, 2 April).

The UK has plentiful deposits that can be exploited and it is expected that a 50-year supply from the site at Preston will come on-stream this year.

Worldwide shale gas deposits are offering mankind its greatest energy revolution since nuclear power and at a fraction of the cost of renewables.

Shale gas now accounts for 30 per cent of American natural gas supplies and there is a 100-year supply.

In the US, natural gas prices are half of what they were three years ago, lowering electricity prices, stabilising manufacturing costs and attracting new foreign investment.

US gas prices are half of European prices. Unlike wind turbines, shale developers would not need eye-watering subsidies. Plentiful and cheap shale gas would render the wind turbine industry obsolete.

Be prepared for the subsidy-addicted renewables industry to put its propaganda machine into overdrive and falsely claim that earthquakes and ground water contamination are caused by fracking.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road