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As you report (12 November), Madeleine Albright, former US secretary of state, was right to raise her fears that “Scotland leaving the UK could lead to a more fragmented Europe”.

She has been a top American foreign affairs official (advising Bill Clinton and fundraising for Barack Obama) and knows Euro­pean and world politics at the top level.

Speaking at a meeting in Glasgow, organised by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, she said that “in this day and age we have to try to
figure how to work together, not so much separately”.

This intervention clearly shows that world leaders and 
officials are obviously concerned at any moves that might weaken the UK or the European Union.

A Scottish breakaway would be bad for western security.

David Martin MEP



It has always been the case that the USA only does what is in the USA’s best interests. Mrs
Albright’s opinions have more to do with that than what is best for Scotland.

She seems to forget that her country was once ruled from Westminster until it used violence to stop this.

Her comment, that “nations could respect each other’s differences” without being “totally separated”, obviously didn’t apply then.

However, the most worrying statement is that from the SNP, saying it would remain an ally of the USA. That is the last thing we want. We could be friends possibly, but the USA has dragged us into overseas wars since 1945. With the exception of Vietnam, it has cost us dear to be its ally. The USA global interference has not improved world safety and has cost many lives in pointless, unwinnable campaigns.

There are nearly 200 countries in the world. We should try to work with as many of them as possible and not isolate many 
of them by being too close to 
the USA.

Bruce D Skivington


Gairloch, Wester Ross

I assume that Mrs Albright is the same former US secretary of state who was born in Prague. Her country was then Czechoslovakia. It is now the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Both her provenance and her job with Mr Clinton dealing with foreign policy should have guided her away from opining about Scottish independence and its guessed-at impact on fragmented Europe.

LV McEwan

Kirkhill Road