Airport standards

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We returned to Edinburgh Airport on Tuesday afternoon. Our luggage was delivered in a reasonable time, but only after we had entered the building from the aircraft along a corridor with a carpet so dirty that some of the pattern had completely disappeared and was, in part, threadbare.

The toilets beside baggage reclaim were smelly and unkempt and the bench seating provided in the drop-off area is old, split and inappropriate.

All this after millions of pounds have been spent on the problematic security hall, and the provision of even more shopping outlets.

BAA, the previous airport operator, may have been a monopoly, but it did have high standards of design and maintenance that were way better than those now being provided.

“Where Edinburgh meets the world” – quite what the world makes of the sub-standard 
conditions encountered upon arriving at Edinburgh Airport I dread to think.

David Gerrard

Spylaw Park