Age-old dilemma

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Something has been forced upon my notice. We have had an elderly relative in a “old folks’ home” now for many months.

Life has meant very little to her and now means nothing at all. This home has 90 residents, two of whom are fully compos mentis.

The rest appear to be in various stages of confusion fear, silence and anger. I have not met them all, but this applies to the ones that I have.

This country is full of such homes. We are looking after these unlucky people with great difficulty and at great expense.

From good, indifferent, to downright bad, these homes are run to keep alive people to whom life has no value.

Recently our old dog became ill and was “put to sleep” – in her case literally.

It was very peaceful, and Babs felt nothing.

Surely, surely, the same gift could be given to people to whom life no longer has meaning.

I cannot see the value of keeping them alive, often against whatever will they still posses.

Sheila Thomson