After the vote

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In the event of a No vote
followed by a refusal on the part of the English to tolerate more devolution, then the whole
Scottish nation can rise up as one to demand another vote.

That is not outwith the realms of practicality. Things will never be the same now that Pandora’s
referendum box has been opened.

If the SNP is prepared to play a long game then a No vote
followed by the inability of the unionist parties to keep their devolution promises may not be a bad scenario for them.

A Scotland united in its
determination to turn its back on the perfidious English would be a far better foundation for an
independent state.

On the other hand, a Yes vote followed by Salmond’s
inability to keep his promises facing a bitterly divided nation would be a total disaster. If he is
prepared to sacrifice himself in the long-term interests of Scotland he might consider repeating his disastrous performance in the second debate.

With the possibility of a
referendum on Europe, we are in for a fascinating future.
Constitutional politics will
become absolutely gripping. 

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive