Accies’ revamp backed up by plenty in the area

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I read with interest Dr James Simpson’s letter (News, July 29). I am chairman of Supporting a Flourishing Stockbridge (SFS), a local community group with more than 100 members that backs the plans to redevelop Raeburn Place.

Stockbridge is one of the best areas of Edinburgh and the proposals will revitalise its sporting and commercial aspects.

The existence of SFS proves that there are plenty of local residents and traders who support the proposals, most of whom are not members of Edinburgh Accies.

I have spoken to many local community members and shopkeepers who see the huge benefits from the re-development and want it to happen.

Therefore, Dr Simpson is wrong in his assertions that the community is “overwhelmingly” against the plans and that “the residents and traders expect, therefore, that the application will be refused”.

The report from the planning department does not state that the proposals are contrary to policy. Instead it comments that the application might not fully meet parts of some policies.

Other policies are clearly met. I would be surprised if all planning applications that are granted meet all policies.

The deciding factor should be whether or not this development is for the overall benefit of our area and our city. It is clear to many that it is, as evidenced by the large number of letters of support that were submitted.

SFS welcomes the recommendation of the planning department. Rather than criticise our hard-working public servants, SFS would like to thank them for their detailed report. They are the experts so that fact they recommend the green light is given tells its own story.

Douglas Roberts, chairman, Supporting a Flourishing Stockbridge

Garden party is a waste of funds

The Lord Provost should forget holding a garden party at a time when we are struggling to make ends meet (News, July 29).

I hope the city “greats” who are invited show their greatness by turning down their invitation. The Lord Provost is just like most public figures, not knowing the general public and not thinking they are accountable when wasting public funds.

Adam McMinn, Spottiswoode Road, Edinburgh

Websites a must for details of soldiers

Ian Swanson’s very powerful and emotive article on soldier Harry Crawford (News, July 29) is a timely reminder to us all of the awful sacrifices made by Harry and countless thousands of others during the First World War and subsequent conflicts.

For more information on Harry and other such servicemen, may I recommend the excellent website of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (www. in particular for Harry, a full description,with photographs and a full list of other soldiers buried at Vraucourt Copse Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais.

For details of his service record the best place to apply is the website of the Imperial War Museum (

Robert M Dunn, Oxcars Court, Edinburgh

Hold a referendum in time for Charles’ turn

With regard to the controversy surrounding a head of state for Scotland once we become independent.

Surely the simple and fairest solution would be to retain the present Queen and hold a referendum for a monarchy or a republic when Charles takes the throne. I do not see how anyone could have a problem with that.

Gordon W Johnson, Carrick Knowe, Edinburgh

I hope all the family have ‘visiting rights’

THE birth of a royal prince must have come as somewhat of a relief to certain of the Windsor “firm”. A daughter may have necessitated a name related to the Spencers, Diana’s birth family.

Perhaps a future daughter? By then, the British public may well have handily forgotten about Diana and accepted the increasingly pushed forward Camilla totally.

I have yet to see any mention of the Spencers – I do hope they get visiting rights.

B Robertson, Montgomery Street, Edinburgh

Thousands raised thanks to supporters

Cancer Support Scotland would like to express our thanks to all the students and the companies who supported them in the organisation and presentation of the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show.

We are very grateful for the donation of almost £4400 which we received as a result of their efforts.

The money will be used to provide the range of complementary therapies provided by us at the Calman Cancer Support Centre in Glasgow and at various outreach centres.

Thanks to the efforts of groups like those who took part in this event, more than 2000 people with cancer will receives support and information at the Calman Cancer Support Centre this year.

Colin Graham, chief executive, Cancer Support Scotland

It’s immoral to send lambs to slaughter

AT this time of year lambs are separated from their mothers and call for them all the time (as their mothers in a far-off field probably do too).

Very soon they will go on their journeys to hell to be slaughtered after 16 short weeks of life.

The whole meat/dairy industry is immoral.

Hazel Fraser, Tarbrax, West Calder