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HAVING enjoyed reading The Scotsman over the years, I was most upset to read the comments made by your music critic, Ken Walton (14 December), regarding André Rieu at the SECC in Glasgow.

Your critic was most disrespectful to André and his orchestra, who are undisputedly the most successful classical entertainers in modern times.

What harm is there in combining serious classical music with lighthearted entertainment? This is the talent that makes André Rieu unique and brings joy to millions of people worldwide.

Does your critic expect us to sit po-faced, sombre, all in black and expressionless, listening to Johann Strauss’s music which he composed for joy and waltzing to?

This is not a letter from a hysterical André Rieu fan or groupie.

This is a letter to say how hurt and indignant we felt at the ridicule and unfair criticism levelled at such a talented man and his orchestra.